Can Fleet Tracking Enhance My Business’ Reputation?

gps fleet trackingWhile the simple logistical benefits of fleet GPS tracking through tracking software are considerable, many fail to account for the way that this service can positively impact the social aspect of running a freight company as well. Obviously, fleet tracking allows for the better maintenance of efficient road times and travel estimates, as well as providing for a more secure on time delivery under crunch situations, but this service can also allow you to make sure that accidents don’t happen on your watch as dispatcher.

The stereotype of the road-hogging truck driver exists for a reason: almost everyone has had a bad experience at one point or another with a truck on the road. That’s why bumper stickers on the back of trucks have “How’s my Driving” bumper stickers on the back of them, and that’s why people are always, always cautious about passing a truck on the interstate: they simply do not know what a truck is going to do. All it takes is one very bad experience by one of your drivers driving aggressively, for it to seriously tarnish your business’ reputation and ability to pick up new clients. Fleet GPS tracking vehicle fleet tracking company however, can be an answer.

Using a GPS system for tracking, it is possible to virtually guarantee no accidents or incidents of aggressive driving on the part of your transporters thanks to the system’s ability to check for and immediately warn the dispatcher of aggressive driving. This kind of instant access to when your drivers are driving aggressively, speeding, or even taking too long at a gas station can let you know in advance when your drivers need to be disciplined, called off, or even taken off the road as things happen, instead of hearing about it on the news.

GPS vehicle tracking  can also save lives: fleet GPS tracking allows you to pinpoint freight on the road even if the truck itself is not running, allowing for you to immediately know if your freight has come to a sudden stop and allowing you to get medical and police support at the site of any spill immediately. GPS tracking for vehicles isn’t just a way to save money; it’s a way to save lives. Let GPS tracking systems be your tracking solution, and find out what other uses there are for this service today.

Five Bathroom Remodeling Projects You Can Finish In a Weekend in Raleigh

bathroom remodelingA bathroom makeover doesn’t have to be an epic undertaking. Here are five ideas bathroom remodeling Raleigh residents EZ Pro Baths can complete inside a weekend.

Vanity mirror upgrade

It might not seem like much of a makeover, but replacing your old flyspecked mirror can transform the atmosphere. If your bathroom is small and tends to be dingy, consider installing a larger mirror — this will reflect back more light and open the space up visually. Alternatively, why not choose a mirror with lighting, or a neat built-in cupboard?


There’s nothing like a lick of paint to give your bathroom a whole new feel. Choose a mold-resistant vinyl paint that will stand up to the extra humidity. Go to town with stencils and sponge prints, or choose a vivid color to create an accent wall.

Replace your tiles

Re-tiling your splash backs is another great way to give your bathroom a new look without too much effort. Mirror tiles help to open up the smaller room, while also making it appear brighter. A single color can give your bathroom a slick, simple look, while spacious rooms can support bold patterns and bright shades. If you can’t afford to replace the whole set with designer patterns, consider using ordinary plain tiles for most of the area, along with the occasional patterned tile.

Re-grouting and tile painting

Mildewed and discolored grout makes even the prettiest tiles look grubby and unattractive, but re-whitening it makes your splash backs look like new again. Why stop there, though? Colorful tinted grouting gives your tiles a new look with minimal effort.

Think you can’t paint over tiles? Think again! Clean sound, unbroken tiles on walls and counters — places that don’t get splashed too often — with a strong abrasive tile cleaner. Cover them with a thin layer of adhesive primer, and finish with multiple layers of well- thinned oil-based or alkyd paint.

You can also paint the tiles around your tub, shower or sink, but these will need specially-formulated ceramic paints. These require some care to use, but can give great results with practice.

Resurfacing tubs and sinks

Even good quality fittings can become cracked and discolored, or simply go out of date. Make them look like new by refinishing them. Choose a paint product that’s specifically made for sinks and tubs and suitable for your tub’s material.

For more advanced remodeling, repair companies can help.